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 Stores By DWW25921

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PostSubject: Stores By DWW25921 Stores By DWW25921 I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 02, 2014 10:08 pm

It's cool that I found this site!  I'm always looking for wisdom and ideas.  There's a few more I'm not going to list for one reason or another but that's fine.  The ones I have here should give you a general idea of what I'm about!  I suppose I'll share with you my stores!  

Conquest Kitty

Conquest Kitty is my cat Random's store.  After she took over our home of avid dog lovers I decided to dub her with the nickname "Conquest Kitty."  It seemed to fit.  She than had 2 kittens, Patches and Tiger, of whom are also featured in the store as well as other guest cat appearances. 

Flags of the World

This Zazzle store is devoted to flags of various nations from all over the world.  I like the different banners and as it's always been a fascination of mine I decided to make a store featuring them!  There is a pretty diverse product line.  Some of the flags were easier to fit on products than others but I did my best.  I hope you like it!

Garden Flowers

My Aunt is really good with close up shots and has a vast knowledge of flowering plants and with that, this store was born!  She has allowed me to use her photos.  I love the variety of colors in this store, you can almost smell them!  This is my newest store and has items that most of the other stores do not have.

Fractal Abstracts

Computer generated graphics has been an interest of mine for years and I was very pleased when I figured out how to create them and incorporate them into products!  This store is foll of abstract art, which is inherently hard to label and for that reason doesn't get a lot of attention.  But, I like it and that's all that matters!  I love the way the designs look!

Nerds & Geeks

This store is probably my favorite as it represents my people and I.  I have created a wide variety of text graphics and placed an entire product line behind each of them!  I tried to cover all the genres I could without committing a copy-write violation!  If you are one of my people you'll get a kick out of this store!

Vacation Photography

This store has a wide variety of scenic and travel photographic captures from my Aunt and some from my dad too!  I like the way this store looks and it's cool to see the places my family has been!  It features several shots from Yosemite and the Grand Tetons!  Feel free to visit and "like" what you see!

West Virginia

This is the store that started it all!  I lost my job and decided to try to use all the photos I've captured over the years.  I have to say, Zazzle is addictive!  I have everything from horses and barns to rivers and parks in here.  Lots of scenery too!  

Pattern Graphics

I wanted a store that could really utilize the customization options on Zazzle.  After all, we can add text to anything!  This store is simple, clean and tasteful.  I figured it would appeal to everyone but sadly, it's not received any sales!  I like it, that's all that matters!

Arrow I'm good at following back folks that wish to "friend" me on the various sites I'm on.  I'm "dww25921" on just about everything.  Tapiture, Wanelo, Weheartit, Keep, Pinterest, Polyvore, Google+, Twitter and more.  You get the idea.  

Have a great day all!

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Stores By DWW25921

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